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Oedipus Wrecks

Clark can't take it
Deeter's dead meat
Lois has amnesia
But Clark won't be beat

Lois thinks that she loves
That Dr. Max
We know that he is wrong
For not giving her all the facts

Lois is back at work
And we saw a sign
That was just for us
In one short line

Clark has a story
And Lois wants in
Clark likes the idea
But Deeter doesn't want him to win

Lois remembers Bad Brain
And some other thing
Charlton Heston being President
Just doesn't ring

The villian in this show
Is really stupid
He numbs the mind
And acts like a kid

He starts his machine
And the wave comes upon the car
It hits Lois
And her mind becomes ajar

She remembers
Life and death situations
Deeter notices a sign
And goes on a Tahiti vacation

Things get back to normal
Lois tells Clark
About her rememberances
Things out of the dark

They go on a lead
To Bad Brain's mom
They try to ask questions,
But it becomes a bomb

Deeter wanted to take Lois
And Clark gave a poke
Lois wouldn't have it,
She didn't think it was a joke

Deeter left
And Lois wanted to know
What was wrong
With that little row

Lois couldn't understand
What was going on
So Clark blurt it out
"I love you, mon!"

Clark grabbed Lois
And kissed her
As she starred in disbelief
And looked a bit unsure

Lois couldn't believe it
And had to question
What was going on
With this little pun

She went back to Deeter
And told him everything
He decided to hyptonize her
To be a new being

Lois said she quit
Clark got mad
The machine started up again
And things got rad

A radio got switched on
And everybody started to groove
Lois had remembrances
Of Superman on the move

She called out for Max
But Clark came
Because Deeter was dancing
He wasn't the same

It got over
And Lois didn't understand
Why Superman was kissing her
And holding her hand

Lois figured it out
Who was the villian
Deeter followed her
To a dark "dungeon"

They found the machine
Lois thought maybe
It would bring her memories back
"Nooooo!" thought he

Deeter banged on it
And got it started
She remembered South of France
To where she was to be carted

Herkomer came down
And so did his mother
She wanted Lois dead
Just like any other

Herkomer wouldn't let it happen
So he started the machine
Lois started to remember

She remembered the love
Of that special someone
That Superman
Who left nothing undone

Clark couldn't believe it
"Hold that thought," she said
"I have one thing left to do.
Oh Max, you're dead!"

She placed a right hook
Upon his nose
She said, "I'm back!"
And away they rose

We all cheered
For Lois is back
Together at last
With that Smallville hack

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