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About Ordinary People

Lois is thinking
And Clark can wait
For the one he loves,
His one true mate

Lois' new boyfriend
Has superpowers
He grants her wishes
And all her desires

She doesn't like it
When he does that
Brings cheese from France
And Swiss chocolate

They need a vacation
And Perry knows the place
The one problem is
That it's Spencer Spencer's base

Lois and Clark
They make a bet
That he can't leave Superman
Home just yet

They make the deal
And off they go
To the island
And a waiting evil foe

Lois doesn't like it
Clark's having fun
Lois wants Superman
But Clark won't run

In secret
Clark uses a power or two
To keep Lois safe
And she doesn't have a clue

They talked
And they kissed
While something's going on
Something they missed

They were captured
And taken to Spencer's base
They were separated
And Lois saw just his face

Clark had an idea
Of telling who he was
When it came to that time
His heat was a buzz

Spencer had what he wanted
Superman and his body
Kryptonite was the key
Don't you copy?

Lois was caged
And she had to find a way
To get out
And help her future finacee

The door came open
And Lois got out
She walked the halls
Without a doubt

Lois came upson the nurse
And bonked her on the head
She got the Kryptonite
Away from the bed

Clark got free
Spencer was destroyed
Lois wanted to go home
And Clark wasn't annoyed

Lois wrote the story
Perry was happy
Clark brought flowers
That didn't come free

Lois wanted to do things
Like a normal couple
There are a few exceptions
That won't make life so dull

This page was last updated on April 6, 1997.