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Lois and Clark


All the poems on this page have been written by me. I wrote most of them last year when I was a poem writing kick. I still write the occational poem when I get the inspiration. This page will be under major construction until I can get all of the poems entered in.

The Three Seasons: This poem just talks roughly what happened in the first three seasons.
Lois and Clark: This poem talks just a little bit about Lois and Clark's relationship.
The Cast: This poem is about the Lois and Clark cast.
Superman: This is just a short little poem about Superman.
Ordinary People: This poem is just a review of the "Ordinary People" episode.
A Lois and Clark Wedding: This poem is about a wedding between Lois and Clark. It has nothing to do with any of the weddings that did go on in the third and fourth seasons.
Forget Me Not: This is just a summary of this particular episode.
Insanity: This is how I felt last season after the dreaded arc and we had those five weeks until Teri Hatcher's premier episode.
Obsession: I am obsessed with Lois and Clark. I just felt like putting down what myself and others are feeling.
First Feelings: This describes what both Lois and Clark may have felt when they first met each other in Perry's office.
Best Friends: This tells just how Lois and Clark are the best of friends.
Life: This talks about what life could have been like after Lois and Clark got done with the wedding and honeymoon.
Hero: I was listening to the song "Holding Out For a Hero" and this poem just popped into my head.
Lex Files: This is just something I wrote up the week before the Lex Files started up.

If you have any questions or comments about anything on this page, please email me.

This page was last updated on April 22, 1997.